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E-Commerce, Shopping Carts

DGS has tremendous experience in developing complete e-commerce solutions for companies and independent artists In Vietnam - and throughout the United Kindom. We have developed a number of unique shopping cart systems for clients to meet the speciffic e-commerce needs of their business. We are also one of the only web design firms that has developed a shopping cart system to meet the speciffic needs of artists and crafts people.
Secure, User Friendly, Reliable

Our shopping cart and e-commerce solutions are secure, easy to use and reliable. All of our shopping cart and e-commerce solutions utilize the latest encryption technology supported by web browsers and server side. A shopping cart is only of use if it is easy for your customers to use and just as easy for your employees to use. DGS designs COMPLETE e-commerce systems. Our shopping carts have a front end that your customers see and a complete administrative back end that allow you to easily control your products, inventory, customers and orders. In order to deliver effective and realible e-commerce and shopping cart systems, we build all of our solutions on proven, industry standard design Technology.
Shopping Cart Solutions

All of our shopping carts include the following features:

  • Custom designed website
  • 2 drafts and 2 reviews of the design of the website
  • Searchable store catalog
  • Category menu
  • Product gallery page
  • Checkout page
  • Customer Account Page
  • Customer Shipping Profile Page
  • Email notification system
  • Administrative order management system
  • Administrative product management system
  • Administrative product gallery system
  • Administrative customer management system
  • Paypal web payments pro credit card gateway integration
  • Transfer or Registration of your domain name
  • Up to 10 email addresses

All of those features are just standard features! DGS can offer you a lot more depending on your needs. Call or email us today for more information or a free proposal.

Total Satisfaction

We believe that our customers must be totally satisfied with the work which we are commissioned to do.
As long as you give us clear instructions on what you require, and we agree to deliver on this, then we will do just that.

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